Welcome Home, Let’s sailing -- We are Back to Work!

            Welcome Home, Lets sailing -- We are Back to Work!

On Feb. 23 2018, the annual Spring expansion was hold in BBL Henglin Industrial Park. Every BBL employee embraced the new year with passion by participating in this expansion.

In the festive firecrackers, the president Linda Zhang leading the leadership members with New Year wished and candies standing in the front door to welcome BBL families home.

Good beginning brings half success. Spring expansion is a traditional project in BBL, aiming to help BBL families devote themselves to their jobs after New Year Holiday, to train team harmony and to improve work efficiency.  

Attention, ease, turn left and right, salute, under the leadership of the instructor, BBL families was divided into 8 teams and execute these action as a well trained army. Even the cold wind cannot cover their loud slogan.

Linda Zhang welcomed BBL families and management members bring their New Year wishes.

In the brand new year 2018, a team member needs to clearly know about team and self target, dare to create and embrace change. 2018 BBL will once again step on the road of honor. Glad to have you on our striving road. Lets start sailing!


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