Respect to the workers in high temperature

In July, we entered the dog days, the hottest days in summer. The temperature is as high as 37 degrees and will last about 30 days.

Such a sultry environment is unbearable for us who are accustomed to air-conditioned rooms, however, it is the daily life of BBL front-line workers. The high temperature has never affected their enthusiasm for work and their sense of responsibility to customers.

They give up comfortable air-conditioned rooms just for the customers' orders to be delivered on time.

They work with sweat just to win the satisfied smile of customers.

We pay respects to every front-line worker who struggles under the high temperature, and are also touched by their spirit of craftsman.

This morning, the fellows of the International Marketing Center, under the leadership of Field Shaw, delivered refrigerated drinks to these front-line workers, hoping to bring a little cool to them.

As a member of BBL, we always keep in mind the customer-centered service purpose and try our best to complete each task.


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